Margarita Villa is nestled on the Yucatan Peninsula on the Mayan Riviera in Mexico.  The limestone peninsula has many areas where the groundwater system has dissolved the rock over hundreds of years to form caverns, caves and sinkholes.  The sinkholes which are exposed to the underground water system are know as Cenotes.

The Mayan culture believed that these caverns and caves were sacred. As one of the three entryways to Xibalbá, cenotes offered the Maya a method of communication with the gods through sacrificial offerings.

Today, many of these caves and caverns are available for tours through walking, swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving.  These enchanting caverns filled with crystal clear water against stalactites and stalagmites, columns and flows, offer exquisite beauty unlike anywhere else in the world.

Margarita Villa is in the center of a cenote paradise. Most cenotes in the area can be viewed in a few hours to half day adventures. Bring lunch and have a BBQ in the jungle to enjoy the beauty of the cenote areas. The jungle areas offer beauty, wildlife and wonder as nature had intended.

Chac Mool

22km south of Playa Del Carmen

El Eden

3 km south of Puerto Aventuras

Taj Mahal

5km south of Puerto Adventuras

Dos Ojos

4km south of Xel Ha

Temple of Doom

2k from Tulum (towards Coba)

Gran Cenote

5km from Tulum (towards Coba)

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