White sand on the Mexican Riviera, blue water in the Caribbean Sea

Snorkeling Ocean View Shady Seating


The white sandy beach at Margarita Villa is secluded, private and available to the guests of Soliman Bay. This sanctuary is nestled in the Mexican Riviera overlooking crystal clear waters on the Caribbean sea. The beach is raked and cleaned every day and hosts ample opportunity for family vacations, honeymoons, getaways and fun for everyone. With Margarita Villa’s palapa and chaise lounges, you can enjoy daytime in the sun or shade. The palm trees offer beauty in this peaceful paradise. Hammocks are available for an afternoon siesta as you listen to the gentle lapping of the ocean waves. For the more adventurous souls, the sea kayaks are available for a jaunt into the beautiful Caribbean Sea. Life jackets are available for the kayaks as well as a large selection of snorkeling gear suitable for the entire family. Tie up your kayak on the buoy near the reef for a fantastic snorkeling experience on the coral reef. The coral head is literally in the back yard of Margarita Villa. Here, you will find beautiful sea life from sea fans and coral to colorful reef fish of every shape and size.


Kayaks & Snorkel Gear

Take your adventure out into Soliman Bay where you can see the coral reef, Caribbean reef fish, blue water and sky for miles.

Incredible Views

Views of palm trees, ocean waves, birds in the sky and family fun, all day long.

Life Jackets

Life jackets are available for adults and children.

Outdoor Seating

Sit in the shade and enjoy views of the ocean and pool just a few steps away.

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We had 10 adults and 3 children (2 toddlers). Everyone had their own space, great beach experience, and the toddlers enjoyed playing in the sand and the shallow pool. We loved being away from the crowds of a busy beach. If you like a secluded feel, I would highly recommend Margarita Villa for family or a group of friends.



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